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Expression for Progression

Expression for Progression.

Lately, we’ve been experiencing a great releasing and increasing of energies. Attempting to navigate through the shifts today, I felt this message drop in: “You will release through writing.”

We often forget the power of expression for clearing. The throat acts as a gateway to the heart – the top of the diamond – and we can use our voice to open it.

Writing, singing, humming – all serve to bring movement and energy outwards.

It is through our expression, we are able to transcend. We talk things out – we sing things out – we write things out. Out. Out of our body.

All the tools we need already exist in us – as we navigate these times, we are being urged to return home. When we are scared, we look outwards for saviours – but the saviour exists within us. We will find release with our voice. We will find alignment and balance with our movement. We will find flow with our breath. We will ground with our feet. We will create with our hands.

We will find home within us.

That is the true ascension. It doesn’t exist outside of you. It exists within you – a deep connection with self and soul – a deep connection to all that is.

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