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What should I expect from my first Coaching session?

All sessions are unique in their own way, depending on your own state of consciousness. Prior to an initial Coaching session, you will be asked to complete a Soul Imprint Timeline to allow me an insight into your consciousness and any negative imprints that are affecting you in the present. In our first session, we will dive deeper into that timeline to create a roadmap for you to your most empowered self.

What can I expect from an Energy Balancing?

Energy Balance sessions are intuitive in nature. Prior to your session, I will sit with your energy and channel any messages that need to come to you from your Higher Self. I will then do an energy assessment of your field to assess what is needed during the session for your optimal alignment. During the session, your experience will be unique to your own session. You may feel energy moving, emotions releasing or just a calm wash over you. Your experience will be your own and exactly what is needed in those moments.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Prior to any session, you may feel old or stagnant emotions rising to the surface in preparation for healing and release. If you feel called to, journalling or writing anything that comes up down can help cultivate deeper understand and prepare you better to address within session. Preparation isn't necessary - just allow yourself to receive and be held.

What should I expect after my session?

This is also unique to each individual. It is not uncommon to experience tiredness and/or an emotional release post-session. It is important you do not resist, and to allow for this energy to move through you and integrate. After your session - rest, drink a lot of water and ground yourself. Be gentle with yourself in the days following.

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