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Sacred Offerings


Embodied Flame Coaching

1 hour

Utilising Consciousness Coaching & Intuitive Counselling, these sessions will delve deep within to cultivate awareness & sacred acceptance for all parts of you. Melissa will act as your guide, assisting you to deeply understand all versions of yourself & bring in love for all. This approach is about unravelling, revealing, remembering all that you already are. Finding the power that innately lives within you — a full embodiment of your own inner fire.


Energy Balancing

1 hour

Beginning with a short conversation & energy scan to intuitively identify what is needed, all energy sessions are intuitive in nature & may include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Theta Healing &/or Sound Healing — depending on what channels through in the session.


Integrated Energy Healing

1 hour 30 mins

This session is designed to include both Consciousness Coaching & Energy Healing approaches. Beginnings with the Coaching session over Zoom for 1 hour, followed by the remote energy healing (details as above).

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